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Articles of faiz ul haque zeya

  • Article 1
    Strategic Inflection point by Andy Grove ( 2000 )
    Abstract :
    Academy of managemtn annual meeting
  • Article 2
    Narratives ( 2000 )
    Abstract :
    At Amazon, there is a practice of writing narratives of 6 pages in meeting rather than using power point slides. Initially the narative length were 25 pages which were later reduced to 6 pages
  • Article 3
    Fiksu business model ( 2016 )
    Abstract :
    Fiksu was founded by Micah Adler, UC Berkeley PhD. It optimizes the mobile advertising process. It finds right users and as many users it can for the ads . It does the calculations in real time. It have to decide in 100 milliseconds to decide whether to buy this ad place or not and for which ad. It takes 50000 such decisions per second.
  • Article 4
    Android and Andy Rubin ( 2000 )
    Abstract :
    An American computer programmer formed a company Android Inc. After few meeting with Google s CEO Larry Page , Google purchased it for $50 million.
  • Article 5
    Professor Salaries in Pakistan ( 2016 )
    Abstract :
    An article about professor s salary in Pakistan while I am getting 140713Rs/month ie 5863Rs/ working day and income 346000Rs/month ie 11000 Rs/day
  • Article 6
    AdagradOptimimzer in Tensorflow python ( 2000 )
    Abstract :
    AdagradOptimimzer in python by Faiz ul haque Zeya